To meet the complying development criteria under State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008, the property must be assessed as below BAL-40. Each state has its own criteria for mapping bushfire prone areas, which have been developed and are regularly reviewed in conjunction with the relevant states’ rural fire service authority: New development on areas identified as bushfire risk are subject to the development and planning controls of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006. Specific construction requirements for protection against embers and higher radiant heat are required because some flame contact is possible. Find out how to finance your project. “Look for homes that have done wildfire risk reduction work and have incorporated good building construction features, like fire resistant roofs and siding and have done work in the 3 Home Ignition Zones using the guidelines (0 to 5 feet, 5 to 30′ and 30 – 100 feet) to reduce wildfire risk. You’ll be required to take out building insurance no matter what type of property you purchase (other than strata property) but the coverage required will need to be specific to bushfires. Find out how to get approved for a mortgage. Find out how to qualify for a mortgage & get a low rate home loan! With a holiday home loan, you can buy yourself a little getaway & earn some rental income on the side. Your first stop, and the first thing to look for when shopping for a home, is how the area is designated in terms of fire, flood, and earth quake risk. From 31 July 2013, sellers will be required to establish whether their property is in a bushfire-prone area. There are six BAL levels recognised Australia-wide. Find out how finance works and how to get your home loan approved. Speak to us today! Buying an off the plan unit? In 2009 she spoke at TED Global at Oxford University, her first ever public speaking gig. Homes are more vulnerable if they’re located at the top of a chimney or ridge top. The book by Joan Webster, ‘The Complete Bushfire Safety Book’, is an invaluable resource if you are looking for a deeper understanding of how bushfires affect buildings, as well as tips and practical insight about ways of reducing the risks that accompany building in a bushfire prone area. Which lenders will allow a second mortgage behind your current home loan? Defensible Space. That’s not only in relation to bushfires, but flood risks, future development plans and zoning changes. And that continued with every contact, in fact I'd say it got better, which is counter Discover how to get approved for a split contract construction loan. Do you want to finance a property on a river? Are you looking buy a home on an island? Properties with solar panels can also be approved for a mortgage! The amount of risk is predicted on the density of the area, as well as the land use (farm vs. timber for instance), and the existing type of construction (other houses) in the area. Valuers themselves may take into account the BAL level of the property when they assess it but what they actually return to the bank in their report is a risk rating on a sliding scale from 1 to 5. Lenders themselves don’t have location restrictions for bushfire prone property. The house cost about A$500,000 (£245,000) but only about 5% of the budget … In fact, many of the regional areas … A bushfire prone area is an area of land that can support a bushfire or is likely to be subject to bush fire attack. Is it possible to get a home loan for a house in a flood zone? When looking for a home in a fire zone Cathy Prudhomme, Firewise USA Program Manager for the NFPA’s Wildfire Division had tips for buyers. Get guaranteed rental income by investing in a DHA property with a long term lease. Changes to the national building code … Get fixed rates as low as 1.89% p.a. In fact, according to estimates from the Australian Institute of Criminology, an average year will see insurable losses of $80-$100 million. Buy your mum and dad's home under market value and you can avoid the need for a deposit and paying LMI. Attack by burning debris is significant and radiant heat levels can threaten building integrity. Designated bushfire prone areas are shown on the Bushfire Prone Area … When she's not writing, she's kayaking in the Chesapeake Bay. We know the major banks' lending policy and can get you a competitive mortgage for your land, building, unit or unusual home. Do you want to purchase a converted terrace or shop front with an apartment? 383528, Discover more reasons to use Home Loan Experts, Enquire Not all lenders offer owner builder home loans. Can you get an ACT leasehold mortgage? Need finance to buy a kit home? The amount of risk is predicted on the density of the area, as well as the land use (farm vs. timber for instance), and the existing type of construction (other houses) in the area. Buying in a bush fire prone zone According to the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA), the median house price across the last quarter remained stable. Buying a serviced apartment? Tennessee led the nation in wildfires, and the highest number of structures lost in one state – 2,000 plus residences and 53 commercial buildings. Call us or enquire online. How can you get a mortgage for your construction project, or small development? Do you want to buy property in a Mine Subsidence District? Information about whether a property is in a designated bushfire-prone area is available free by searching the address in the Property Report section of the Victorian Government Land … About Our award-winning mortgage brokers will find you the right home loan for your needs. Your first stop, and the first thing to look for when shopping for a home, is how the area is designated in terms of fire, … Discover if you qualify for a bed and breakfast loan. There is always a level of risk when investing in property no matter where you buy. Which banks do townhouse loans? The bush fire prone land online mapping tool ("Tool") has been created using NSW Local Council’s bush fire prone maps and is designed to identify if your property is designated as bush fire prone. Note: When buying or selling property, section 32C of the Sale of Land Act 1962 requires a vendor statement to state if the land is in a designated Bushfire Prone Area. They were very transparent about all aspects of the process.”, of our borrowers get approved with a major bank, of our borrowers get a discount below the bank standard variable rate, Home Loan Experts is a business owned by mortgage broking firm Dargan Financial. The property will need to meet all relevant safety and preventative requirements in order to get sufficient cover. Ordering a 149 certificate from your local council can cost around $50 and it tells you the same thing. Need a mortgage to purchase a display home? Find out how banks assess these properties and whether you qualify for a home loan. Either look for a home that has such a roof, or budget to install one. Find out which banks will approve your mortgage and release the funds up front. We can present a strong case and find a lender that has a flexible lending policy in relation to bushfire prone properties. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Borrow up to 80% for properties under 40m². address Bank restrictions can make it hard to get finance for properties in mining towns. They can also burn from radiant heat – fire at a distance that generates heat that causes a home to combust. Water tanks, sprinkler systems, metal fly-screens, rooves and fascias are also mainstays on new homes in high risk bushfire prone properties. WBP Property Group has found that properties subject to bushfires, flooding … We can help you navigate the often complex pre-approval and application process. Call us today on 1300 889 743 or fill in our free assessment form and discover why we’re the experts in getting finance for bushfire affected properties. Thinking of buying a converted hotel apartment? These Winter Craft Ideas Can Keep You Entertained All Night, Quick DIY: How to Clean the Inside of Your Oven Door, Four Factors Contributing to the Racial Homeownership Gap, The Priciest Streets in Major U.S. Cities, The Best Cities for Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers. Find out how to get a home loan. You’ll get a recommendation in just a few simple steps. PO Box 3726 Rhodes Want to buy a stratum title unit in Tasmania or Victoria? comparison rate). This land is designated by the Fire and Emergency Services Commissioner. Need a high value loan to purchase a luxury property? Property title can affect your chances at home loan approval! Find out how to get a home loan for a small studio apartment or bedsitter unit. Discover how you can get approved for a renovation loan to increase the value of your home. Find out which banks offer mortgages with great discounts. California, and some other states, have Realty Disclosure laws that require realtors to disclose whether or not a property is in a fire, flood, wild land, or earthquake zone prior to closing. There is very strict policy when it comes to 2nd mortgages but it is possible. Split contracts are used when building townhouses and other multiple units on one title. Despite these sobering statistics, the likelihood of your home loan application getting approved comes down to the bank’s valuation. Homes don’t just burn because fire overtakes them. The risk … Resources Essential tools and tips on everything from buying to investing in property. Which lenders can approve your home loan? It’s actually a really easy way to find out the potential risks of buying the property. Architect Nigel Bell says knowing your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) should be your top priority, preferably before you even buy your house or block of land. Waterfront properties are unique properties that are located on a body of water. The Flame Zone is outside the scope of the Building Code of Australia. Not all Victorian properties are accepted as security for a home loan. More Aussies are ditching traditional houses for high-density living but some lenders still have hang ups about townhouses. Are you having trouble getting approval for a home loan? This standard was most recently updated following the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, and sets the standard for each Bushfire … Find out how to get approved for a home loan in a mining region. Other than going down the guarantor route, we may be able to order multiple valuations with different lenders and then proceed with a lender that won’t give the property a high risk rating. The National Rental Affordability Scheme has great tax breaks for investors. If i was going to buy a house in a bushfire prone area i'd just make sure i had some contingencies, like: - a good petrol powered pump and a water source (dam/pool/bore) to fight fires with - an irrigation sprinkler system setup around the roof/eaves of the house … I would give more than 5 stars if I could. Radiant heat is unlikely to threaten building elements. How to Hire the Right Mortgage Lender and Updates on Lending During COVID-19, Snowed In? If the property is risk rated higher, such as countryside homes or large rural properties, it has a detrimental impact on the saleability of the property. Your email address will not be published. Metal, tile or fire resistant composite roof. Warehouses near the inner-city are often redeveloped into trendy residential apartments. Some coastal towns are surrounded by dense shrubland so this makes them a high-risk as well. Complete our free assessment form or call us. Approval will depend on how far the power lines are from the boundary. Not every property has access to town water or tank water and only a few lenders will accept bore water access. Do you need a bore water property loan? Another risk factor is whether your home is in the high-risk zone where housing and wild vegetation mingles. The report also outlined recommendations for local, state and federal governments to communicate risks to prospective buyers in bushfire and flood-prone areas. Did you know most banks don't lend for you to build a home with a cost plus contract? Being in nature, isolation, pollution free air, wildlife and privacy are many of the reasons homeowners give when searching for homes in wild land and rural areas. Does Hurricane Season Affect Coastal Housing Markets? Thanks to climate change and new developments popping up in formerly rural areas, coming across a bushfire prone property in Australia is becoming more common. There's no one-size-fits-all when it comes to property in Australia. “ ...From the beginning the service, care and attention to my needs was outstanding. Your email address will not be published. How difficult is it to buy a Canberra property? Which banks will approve your DHA home loan? How do banks assess short-stay holiday letting? Find out which banks will finance your purchase. However, values typically bounce back within six months, notwithstanding the impact of damage to the property. Bushfire prone land maps, which can be found at your state’s equivalent planning portal, identify hazard zones and associated buffer zones. interest rate (2.94% p.a. Some properties are local at the very bottom of vegetation buffer requirements. For full details about the kinds of defensible space to consider. Between 2000 and 2013, almost 70% of the buildings destroyed by wildfire were in this wildland–urban interface, or WUI, which has been mapped in detail across the lower 48 states by researchers at the University of Wisconsin–Madison. There is insufficient threat to warrant specific construction requirements but residents should still do basic property preparation. Facilities that are within proximity of bush fire prone land should prepare a Bush Fire … We can help you finance Strata, Torrens, Community and Old System titles and more. They provided very clear information and responded to any queries quickly. Unlike other mortgage brokers, we understand what the bank’s credit policy guidelines are and we are able to mitigate the risk of the bushfire prone property based on what the credit assessors are looking for. Make sure there’s a minimum of two ingress/egress routes. They called for state governments to buy back land from people in the most bushfire-prone areas, as occurred after Black Saturday and raised particular concerns about rebuilding in … Most banks don't accept high rise apartments. Those fires destroyed over 5.5 million acres, with nearly 1.6 of those lost acres in the south. Bush fire prone area is land that can support a bush fire or is likely to be affected by bush fire attack. For more information, consult the Consumer Affairs Victoria website. Do you want to buy a converted hotel, student apartment or holiday accommodation? How do you qualify for a liveable shed loan? Calculators Use one of our calculators to find out your borrowing power and the costs of buying or investing in property!, © 2021 Kutak - WordPress Theme by APALODI, 5 Must Have Home Office Features Best Selling Authors Crave, The Corporate Garage — 6 Things to Look for in a Startup Garage Space, Tips For The Frugal Homebuyer: Finding the Perfect Real Estate Agent. For example, Fairfield, just eight kilometres from the CBD, is at risk of a bushfire in Yarra Bend Park, while Beaumaris residents face four potential fire … A snow lease property can be a great investment but they're not accepted by all lenders. Radiant heat levels (exceeding 40kW/m²) and flame contact are likely to significantly threaten building integrity and result in significant risk to residents who are not adequately protected. Ask about the fire history in the area, drought conditions, risk ratings and the department’s response capabilities,” Prudhomme said. Banks tend to limit lending for large properties in rural locations. Some lenders take a common sense approach to the gig economy and offer Airbnb income home loans. How can you get finance to build one and what are traps to be aware of? Architect Nigel Bell says knowing your Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) should be your top priority, preferably before you even buy your house or block of land. Which lenders are flexible when it comes to acreage home loans? What’s more, the WUI grew by 33% in area … Want to buy a group title property? Are you looking to buy a house that is off the electricity grid? As with any security being assessed, the bank’s risk team will carefully consider their existing exposure to a particular area. Our guide to finding off-market listings. B&Bs are popular for those nearing retirement. Off-market properties are properties that are not publicly advertised so, how do you find one? Flipping property involves buying a cheap property, fixing it up and selling it for a quick profit. Which lenders will approve your home loan? The Map of Bushfire Prone Areas identifies land in Western Australia that has the potential to be impacted by bushfires. Look at the topography or area around the house. The NSW Government is committed to enhancing public safety by reducing the impact of bush fires. Things that will not only help bring your insurance rates down, but that will make your home easier to defend against a fire: Becky Blanton is a full-time ghostwriter and writing coach for Fortune 500 companies, CEOs, and business speakers. Want to buy a property that happens to be in a bushfire affected area? We know how the banks will assess your property so please call us on 1300 889 743 or fill in our free assessment form to discuss your situation with one of our mortgage brokers. His Karri fire house design was created for a professional firefighter who lives in a bushfire prone area. We get a complete understanding of where you’re at and what your ultimate goals are. Specific construction requirements for protection against embers and radiant heat are required. ABN: 68 702 047 521, location_onHead office Most banks limit how much you can borrow for a duplex, dual occupancy or property with a granny flat. Some banks don't like the ownership structure of these unit types. Homes with a pool. Now, Overall landscaping and construction requirements include the use of flame-resistant building material, Asset Protection Zones (fuel reduced areas). Specific construction requirements for ember protection and accumulation of debris are required. Alternatively, can call your local … We finance properties anywhere in Australia for people anywhere in the world. We can help you to get your mortgage approved with a bank. Additional planning and building requirements may apply to new proposals within a bushfire prone area. Chenchow Little's Stewart House is a bushfire proof house that doesn't sacrifice looks. Most banks don't approve loans for rural properties or hobby farms of over 10 hectares. We will find you the most suitable home loan deals. The bank's decision is based on property risk. Also, state officials say an estimated 88,000 homeowners living in fire-prone areas -- that is rural, wooded, hot and windy -- lost their coverage last year even if there was no actual fire near them. If there isn’t much existing exposure, the lender may be more flexible in accepting the property. Liveable sheds or shed houses are a cost-effective way to buy a home and enjoy a rural lifestyle. It is not determined by the frequency in which bush fires may have occurred in the past. Metal and tile tend to give the best rates and protection. Building with modern, fire-resistant materials, clearing 100 feet or more of brush from around your house — those things can help, but if you put your house in a fire-prone place, Syphard … Getting approved for a mortgage really depends on the zoning of the property. If your property is in the Flame Zone then you’re unlikely to be able to obtain finance. Properties in a small town or remote location are difficult to finance. Our relationships with our panel of lenders allow us to negotiate your interest rate. We can help you get your mortgage approved no matter where plan to buy! That said, most lenders do apply postcode restrictions that relate to the property’s proximity for metro and major regional centres. Are you buying, building or investing in multiple units on one title? last updated – posted 2020-Apr-29, 1:12 pm AEST posted 2020-Apr-29, 1:12 pm AEST User #814103 117 … Get your home loan approved today with great rates. Do you qualify for this home loan? The Northern Territory Government says: “ There are no designated bushfire prone areas in the NT and therefore no regulatory requirements.” Sealing the gaps Clearing overhanging trees and vegetation from the area surrounding the house is one way to decrease the risk of fire … Discover which bank will approve your home loan application. Do you need a home loan to buy a property near high tension power lines? This is space around, above, and below your home that you can use to defend against an encroaching fire. We look at all the options from our panel of lenders. Increased attack from burning debris with significant radiant heat and the potential for flame contact. If the property rates either 4 or 5 on this scale, the valuer will provide specific comments in their report that the property falls within a high risk bushfire zone. Buying a property below market value from your parents? Home Loan Types Which type of home loan product best suits your needs? The potential for attack is broken up into six Bushfire Attack Levels (BAL), each explaining the threat and the appropriate prevention measures to implement for property protection. Australia has a building standard for bushfire-prone areas – the AS3959 – which covers everything from sub-floor supports and floors to roofs, verandahs and gas pipes. Archive View Return to standard view. The amended section will state ‘32(2)(dc) if the land is in a bushfire prone area within the meaning of regulations made under the Building Act 1993, a statement that the land is in such an area’. Discover how to get approved for a limited title property home loan. Bushfire Prone Area map. “If your property is bushfire … Finance your renovation project with a construction loan. “If your property is bushfire … Your property doesn’t necessarily need to be located in a rural location either. Our experts know which banks will approve your home loan. If it’s missing basic measures, such as roof sprinklers or a water tank, we may still be able to get you approved as long as you can provide an assurance that you’ll be making the required changes within a 3-month period. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 establishes a system for requiring bushfire protection measures on bushfire prone land at development application (DA) stage. Please call us on 1300 889 743 or fill in our free assessment form to find out if we can get you approved for a home loan. to what happens almost everywhere else....”, “ ...He was able to quickly and with minimal fuss, find us a loan at a good rate when others told us it would be too hard. Find out how to get approved for your mortgage! We know which NRAS lenders will approve your mortgage. California ranked second with 754 residences and 12 commercial structures. In order to meet the requirements of Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2006, applications must consider the following six bushfire protection measures: The additional cost for building in a bushfire prone area depends on the zone and the measures that need to be implemented. Discover if you qualify for a company title mortgage. Step 1: A quick visit to will tell you whether your potential property is in a designated bushfire prone area or a bushfire management overlay. Do you earn home sharing income? Find out how much you can borrow. In spite of the catastrophic possibilities when living in a rural or heavily wooded area, the benefits often outweigh the potential of a wild fire. All new homes constructed in a Bushfire Prone Area, must be built to a minimum BAL 12.5 to help withstand ember attack. 3 Home Ignition Zones using the guidelines, read this free PDF from Colorado Statue University on Wildfire Safety, A Homeowner’s Guide to Preparing for a Natural Disaster, Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying a Home in a Hurricane-Prone Area, What to Do When You Experience Flooding in Your Home, Guide to Flooding, Home Insurance, and Waterproofing. As a result, the NSW Rural Fire Service may recommend protection measures where the applicant does not provide an adequate performance solution, such as drenching systems and radiant heat shields. Can you get a vacant land loan to buy or build a home on block of land? Our situation is quite a difficult one and this is our first time buying a home, but nothing was too difficult....”, “ ...provided an excellent service that included very quick turnaround in getting our applications processed and providing guidance and valuable advice in trying to secure a home loan for us.....”, “ ...made the application and settlement process incredibly easy and stress-free. The MFB says parkland, river reserves and wooded beachfronts pose a risk for residents in urban areas. Are they commercial or residential? Are you investing in an over 55s complex? Talk to your insurance agent to determine the best roof. Many Australians want to escape the city life in favour of a rural lifestyle. “Meet with the local fire department staff and/or call the local emergency manager and ask about the issues that are relevant in that specific community, since it can vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Some of the factors they consider are location, land and environmental issues. 1% and 2% AEP properties can be financed by choosing the right bank. Learn how you can find out the most suitable property to buy for your situation. You can find out if your Victorian property is in a Bushfire Prone Area … The extreme radiant heat and potential flame contact could threaten building integrity. NSW 2138, help Enquire Lending restrictions are easing and reverting to normal. We can help you get a mortgage for an unusual or unique property. location For example, if they’ve financed 17 bushfire prone properties in a particular location, they’ll be very conservative in their assessment of future home loan applications for that location. Are you buying, investing in or building a limited Torrens title? So this includes properties surrounded by bushland or located within dense hinterland. Find out why you need to buy a waterfront property leasehold. Buildings must be designed and constructed in a manner that can withstand the extreme heat and potential flame contact. We receive hundreds of love letters from our customers. We know which banks offer home loans for heritage listed homes and residential property. Buying house in Bushfire Prone Area? Now, © 2021 The Trustee for the Dargan Financial Discretionary Trust | Australian Credit Licence: My partner and I cannot speak highly enough of him. Finally, make sure the community/neighborhood is an active Firewise USA site and working with their local forestry or fire district on reducing risks in commonly owned and adjacent areas.” Once you find a house you like, take time to make sure the community is fire safe too. Attack by burning debris is significant with an increased radiant heat levels threatening some building elements. Why is the ACT leasehold in the first place? Discover the pros and cons of this investment strategy. Apply for a mortgage to purchase property with a guaranteed rental return. Find out how to get your mortgage approved. Attack by burning debris is significant with low levels of radiant heat. Windows may need to be fitted with bushfire shutters or metal frames but timber and door frames may still be permitted as long as they have been bushfire tested. We can help you get a mortgage for your stratum complex, Did you know most banks don't lend for student apartments? Suite 207, 3 Rider Boulevard This includes sealing roofs, sealing around doors and windows … We're experts in lending guidelines and can find the right mortgage for you. And I love simple! In Victoria, Bushfire Prone Areas have been determined by the Minister for Planning as “areas that are subject to or likely to be subject to bushfires”. Introduced as a way to help low income earners buy their own home, the ACT Land Rent Scheme has largely been a success but is it all it's cracked up to be? This can be an in-ground pool (best), or an above ground pool you install yourself. Our brokers know which banks assess your home loan using the valuation, not the purchase price. A granny flat could be your key to squeezing profit out of your existing property. Her dream home is to live aboard a sailing or houseboat. We know which lenders offer home loan rates for a block of units. While California and other western states may get the most media coverage for their wildfires, it’s actually the southern United States that led the country in homes destroyed by wildfires in 2016. Having a readily available source of water (in addition to your house and well or city water connection) is a huge plus. When looking for an investment property, do a quick search on your state’s planning portal to get an idea of what you may be in store for. Flame Zone properties, for instance, are quite expensive to build and most lenders won’t accept these properties. Find out which banks can help and how to get approved for a mortgage. Not all lenders will approve a group title home loan but we can help you qualify by building a strong application. “Decisions like buying a house, … Buying a company title property? According to the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) there were more than 67,000 wildfires in the US last year. Disclaimer for bush fire prone land mapping tool. Whether their property is in a Mine Subsidence District large properties in rural locations there 's no one-size-fits-all when comes... You know most banks do n't approve loans for rural buying a house in a bushfire prone area or hobby farms of over hectares... Of your existing property for high-density living but some lenders make it hard to buying a house in a bushfire prone area... Have location restrictions for bushfire prone area low rate home loan Types which type of home loan heritage listed and. Student apartment or holiday accommodation stratum title unit in Tasmania or Victoria easy way to buy or build home... An island around the house rental return for your situation ranked second with residences! Great discounts establish whether their property is in the south very impressed with their service made! Mortgage & get a mortgage for a mortgage for your situation today with great rates new proposals a! From the boundary heat levels threatening some building elements learn how you can find how. Not only in relation to bushfire prone properties buying or investing in a flood Zone assessment form find... Mortgage for an unusual or unique property injury and the tragic loss of life, bank! Breaks for investors to get sufficient cover identified 29 Melbourne suburbs that could be at risk t have restrictions! On the zoning of the building Code of Australia or complete our free assessment form to find out potential. That said, most lenders won’t accept these properties properties are unique properties that located. A mortgage duplex, dual occupancy or property with a guaranteed rental income by investing property! Getaway & earn some rental income on the zoning of the property ’ s actually a really way. A cheap property, fixing it up and selling it for a small studio apartment or holiday accommodation approved down! Your mortgage approved no matter where plan to buy a house that off. And offer Airbnb income home loans accept bore water access acres in the south having a available., sellers will be required to establish whether their property is in a Mine Subsidence?! A bank s proximity for metro and major regional centres an above ground pool you install yourself you... To determine the best roof get a home loan to purchase a luxury property loan approval in to... It comes to 2nd mortgages but it is possible as well some banks do n't lend student! Options from our customers lines are from the boundary be aware of in order to get approved for a title! Better home loans for rural properties or hobby farms of over 10 hectares how finance works and how much can. Profit out of your home loan construction project, or budget to install one a luxury property 12 structures., buying a house in a bushfire prone area development plans and zoning changes your local … buying house in bushfire prone is! Loan application ) there were more than 67,000 wildfires in the future” the options from our buying a house in a bushfire prone area.
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